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Latest Articles

  • The Trouble with Breeds

    Over 25 years ago I got a call from Richard, a Quarter horse breeder, who had just moved to a farm a few miles from my place. He had come…

  • That Bottle of Pills

    Two weeks ago I got a phone call from Lucy whose gelding was at a full gallop when he slipped, fell on rough ground, and slid for a few feet…

  • Solitary

    Mary heard about the gray gelding and immediately checked him out on Face Book. Her favorite horse color, and handsome to boot! Just 6 years old, so probably not lame…

  • Safe and Effective Fencing

    A few months ago I got an email from Beth Carlson of Bath, Maine. Her email inspired me to write this article. She and a student of hers had been…

  • Never Never Land

    There are many things that you should never do as a horse owner. This article is a list of a few of those that the staff at MEA has brain…

  • Let the Body Heal

    It is one of those cases that I will never forget. I was working at the old Lewiston Raceway, and was going to be there all morning. A horse owner…

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I have always considered Dave my vet since I moved to Maine almost 30 (!) years ago and have relied on him and the practice for such great care.


  • Thank you for caring and kindness at a time when Abe and I needed it most.


  • Thank you again for your knowledge, kindness, and friendship you show Ryan, myself, and our four legged buddies.

    Ryan & Denise (Nick & Boon too!)

  • This is to let you know that the chiro work on Rose, my Friesian mare, has made a notable difference. Not only is she looser, softer, more supple, but also seems more willing to try the next stages of collection and lateral work. A very nice difference, and I think much of the change is in the back, where you worked on her pelvis. The bends are even both ways (no funny chin tilts instead of neck bends), and she’s just been a real pleasure to ride. Woo-hoo! Thanks.


  • I want to thank Dave so much for his wonderful years of experience that recently brought a tremendous amount of relief to my husband and I when our dear ‘Whinny’ couldn’t keep herself out of trouble! What we thought was a disaster, (and potentially was), he’d dealt with before and he just erased the stress we felt and assured us she would be fine and that horses are wonderful healers…based of course on what he’s seen over his many years of experience. Dave’s love of horses is very special, and we are so grateful for it.