Veterinary Care for Your Horse

The Broadest Range of Horse Care in Maine

Looking for top-notch veterinary care for your horse? Would you like a team that offers the widest range of services of any equine practice in Maine? Do you want that from friendly and experienced veterinarians that you can count on? When these questions arise, we hope you’ll find Maine Equine Associates your answer to all of them.

At MEA, it’s our privilege and pleasure to care for your horse. As the oldest practice in the state, we offer a depth of experience that helps you and your horse on those difficult to diagnose cases. While we have always been committed to staying new and cutting-edge, we also offer a range of alternative or complementary medicines, including our chiropractic work.

This combination of “old school savvy” and “new age” technologies, therapies and treatments gives you and your horse the broadest range of equine medical services available in Maine.

Experience the difference

Whether it’s a routine wellness physical or a critical injury case, we promise to:

  • listen to your concerns fully.
  • respect and nurture the bond between you and your horse.
  • deliver services specifically for your horse.
  • understand your financial concerns and offer helpful choices for payment.
  • educate you, your family members or your boarders on equine concerns.

Our promise to you

We are committed to doing our best to help clients in our care. This means providing:

  • individualized, preventive care for your horse.
  • 24/7 emergency coverage.
  • equine articles and forums to educate, inform, and entertain horse lovers.