Erin Austin

Operations Manager

Erin Austin

I don’t remember not being horse struck.  Dad thought it was all foolishness, but my Mom gave in to my continual pressure.  She took me to Tabor’s Riding Stable in Auburn for my birthday every year since I was 8.  Mom rode that first time, fell off, and that was the end of her riding.  I persisted, and finally at 11 got my first equine, a pony I named Spirit.  I had him 23 years, and he became my daughter’s first ride.

I’ve held all kinds of jobs, as a telemarketer, in their customer service, and finally running their processing department.  But it’s always been horses that have held my interest, so I worked at several barns in the area, from stall cleaning to managing.

I’ve been a client of Maine Equine Associates for over 13 years, and when I was offered a job as Dr Jefferson’s tech I jumped at the opportunity. This is my dream job.  I am still with David on the road three days a week, and the rest of the time I have huge responsibilities for staff, ordering supplies and medications and all of the other stuff that makes Maine Equine function.

My husband Corey quit his “real” job 8 years ago to go to farrier school. That is now his full time business, and I think he is great at it. We have two kids, Isaac who was born in 2000 and our horse girl Carlee who was born in 2007.

We have an embarrassing array of animals on our 40 acre farm in Sabattus: 3 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and more deer than we can count. Actually one less since Corey got his buck this year right on the property.