Emergency Equine Veterinary Care

For Emergency Care:

Please Call (207) 782-8318

We offer 24 Hour Coverage, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

After you have called and left your number, please stay off the phone so that we may reach you. If you want to call a friend for support, please use another phone.

No other domestic animal seems to get in trouble more than horses. There are reasons for this. One is that horses are a “prey” animal and are genetically wired with lightning fast reflexes. When trouble comes they don’t confront it, they flee. This becomes a problem when a horse gets it’s leg jammed under a stall door or gets caught in barbed wire.

Another fact about horses is that their intestinal tracts are designed to handle large amounts of roughage. We sometimes feed less of that than they need and lots of other things like too much grain. Their feeding schedule is at our convenience rather than at optimum times for them. We keep our horses on small parcels of land and ignore the worm population that can explode under a non vet guided parasite control program. All these things have the potential for causing belly aches. These belly aches or “colics” can be mild or very serious.

We at Maine Equine are well acquainted with the troubles that horses get into. In all the years we have been in business it is a very rare day that we haven’t had to deal with some emergency.

Our policy is to provide 24 hour coverage 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you come up against something that looks like an emergency, but you aren’t sure, call anyway! Our phone number is 207-782-8318.

We share emergency service with three other equine practices. We have all agreed on the standard of care for emergencies and meet on a regular basis to ensure quality emergency service. If you have an emergency, call our number as usual and you will be given directions to reach the on-call veterinarian. If one of the other two practices is covering, we will be notified the next morning and your case will be handed back over to MEA.

During the day our office will get hold of whoever is closest and available. After hours call the same number and you will get a recording that will direct you further. If you do not get a response within 15 minutes, call the appropriate numbers again. After you have called and left your number, please stay off the phone so that we may reach you. If you want to call a friend for support, please use another phone. When emergency calls come, we try to be right by the phone and can often get back to you within minutes. If you are on the phone with someone else, it just delays our response time to you.

First Aid Kit

Our First Aid Kit has everything that we would want you to have on hand for emergencies. It contains materials for cuts, colics, and a number of other common problems. It has diagnostic instruments like a stethoscope and a thermometer as well as surgical soap, bandages, and several ointments and medications. Instruction sheets are included. The supplies are in a very rugged case that has stood the test of time.

The kit has been a life saver in a few situations, and many times has meant that a farm call hasn’t had to be made. We replace anything in the kit that is about to outdate at no charge provided it is unused. Give us a call or talk to us about it when we are on the farm. We usually carry one with us to show you. Many have been purchased as gifts.