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Complete Equine Veterinary Services
  • Preventative


    Health & Wellness Exam We strongly believe that every horse should have an annual physical exam. Exams are usually done at the same time as vaccinations. It is best for you to be present so we can discuss your animal’s…

  • Soundness


    Despite their size and strength, almost all horses will have a lameness issue at some point in their lives. When our veterinarians are called out to check your sore horse, the first thing we do is listen to your description…

  • On Farm Surgery

    On Farm Surgery

    Castration Castrating your horse can happen as early as weaning time.  Most often, early castrations are less traumatic for the horse, easier on the vets and technicians and result in less bleeding and swelling.  Even if you haven’t seen your…

  • Alternative Therapies

    Alternative Therapies

    Chiropractic The goal of chiropractic treatment is to restore normal joint motion and reduce pain and muscle spasm. Imbalances or “subluxations” are caused by a single traumatic event, or more commonly, through repetitive stress injuries from daily activities. An imbalance…

  • Dentistry


    No other part of routine health care has as much impact on your horse’s performance and well being as his dental care. Domesticated horses live in conditions not wholly suited to their evolution, and are asked to do things, like…

  • Reproduction


    Are you considering breeding your mare? Longing to hear the pitter patter of little foal feet? We offer a full range of reproductive services, from pre breeding exams to pre and post natal care. Breeding can be an expensive and…

  • First Aid Kits

    First Aid Kits

    Our First Aid Kit has everything that we would want you to have on hand for emergencies. It contains materials for cuts, colics, and a number of other common problems. It has diagnostic instruments like a stethoscope and a thermometer…

  • Other Creatures

    Other Creatures

    We’ve found that people who love horses usually love all animals. It’s a pretty unusual farm that has just a horse or two. We understand that you may not want to take all of your barn cats to your small…